So far so good, since we don't have any sexual or relationship problems for this week, I would like us to look at this important topic; FOREPLAY AND YOUR SEX LIFE, to keep our body and soul togethe

The rain that evening was just so heavy - the cold was relatively more than excess. Call it a weather for two and you won't be far from the truth. I got back home drenched. The door was open because she was expecting me back soon but slept off after a long wait. I found my way in and went straight to the shower, had my bath and joined her in bed. She was fast asleep and had lost her composure, her legs widely spread and like the book of revelation, her triangle of pleasure was fully revealed. OMG! I stood still, hornily confused - whether to start by licking her toes or her soft thighs, or to eat up her cold chocolate. Then I looked up to her face, her lips was looking so full, my dick felt harder - I slid into her like a horny snake and went straight to her lips. Kissing is my favourite meal. I took her entire lips into my mouth and ran my fingers on her breasts, hernipples felt so hard and warm. I bit her jaw and kissed her neck before going down to her soft full breasts. She squeezed herself on me and moaned in pleasure. I sucked through her tommy to her inner thighs before finding my way to her cold juicy pussy. Oh my baby! She moaned. "Don't be selfish my love, give me your dick" she pleaded. "Give me your honey stick" she begged. We adjusted to a 69 position and sucked ourselves in pleasure. "

How do you cook your food? Set a fire, fix the pot and pour everything at the same time? or set the fire, fix the pot and gradually follow the procedures of adding your ingredients to the food bit by bit? The former makes you a bad cook while the latter makes you a good cook and the food will undoubtedly taste great.

People who undermine the importance of foreplay during sex and refuse to give the body her desired pleasure before rushing into penetration are a reflection of bad cooks. They always leave their partners half done, unsatisfied and frustrated. I have this to say; if she can still jump out of bed immediately after sex, to attend to other things as if nothing just happened, know it that you have not fucked her well. A good round of sex leaves the soul satisfied and the body exhausted, tired and in most cases, put you to sleep. You can't achieve this by just rushing into her. Spice up your sex life with foreplay.

Foreplay serves as a wake-up call to the sensory nerves that control the sexual feelings. It allow you and your partner the opportunity to explore your bodies and get fully prepared for the banging.

If you cannot eat a half-baked bread, don't bang her half-prepared. Give more time to her body than your dick could last in her pussy. Bring out the woman in her. The body is all yours to explore - take it slowly and deliciously make her feel the touch of a real man.

It is said that her orgasm starts from her mind before your dick. Give your woman's heart a good treat. Take her out on a date, take a walk together. Visit some places, eat, drink and take photos. Romance is not just a bed and fuck thing. How deeply loved and confident your woman feels around you guarantees her sexual desires towards you. Sometimes, just because of that special treat she gets from you, a mere look at you could make her wet and the feel of your body leaves her panting in sensual desires.

In bed, every woman is a star. All she needs is the right key to unlock her golden edge.

To start with, one of the best moments I have seen almost every woman confess to enjoying, is having their man bath them. Occasionally, take her to the bathroom and give her that romantic bath every woman crave for. Appreciate her body while you scrub her parts. Kiss her passionately and suck those charged nipples after the rinse. Feel her pussy and see how wet she is. I always count this as step one.

Dry her up and take her into bed. Take a good look at what you've got right in front of you - delicious right? So what are you waiting for? Your woman is ready to be ravished - leave no stone unturned. It doesn't matter if you start from the front or back - sometimes, I enjoy starting from the back. Flip her over on her tommy, kiss the back of her neck, bite it softly, speak dirty into her ears and suck them too. What about those round ass you admire in skirts, have them fresh, squeeze them, lick them, bite on that pound of flesh, stroke into her inner thighs and listen to her language of love and pleasure. You are not done yet.


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