So far so good, since we don't have any sexual or relationship problems for this week, I would like us to look at this important topic; FOREPLAY AND YOUR SEX LIFE, to keep our body and soul togethe

Turn her around and kiss her so deeply. Pull her up and give her your hard dick to feed on. Massage her shoulders gently as she sucks you - appreciate her loving kindness to your dick and tell her how sweet it feels. Retrieve after some time and take back the lead. Put her down and suck her breasts. Suck and not bite. Deep your fingers in her fully wet pussy, finger It right, pull out and lick up every juice on that finger - deep it again and give her to lick. There is love in sharing remember! Kiss her after and go down to her pussy. Suck her pussy with all your pleasure, suck it till she can't hold her breath anymore.

If you enjoy fingering the pussy as much as I do, then you must learn to keep your nails as low as mine. There is this two ways I enjoy to have her positioned when I want to finger her; first is to put her in my arm, spread her legs wide, either suck her breasts or kiss her lips as I finger her pussy, reaching out to her G-spot. It is either she loses control and pour or she cries to be banged. Ihe di abuo, ofu ga eme.

The second position is to put her in a doggy position like you want to bang her from the back, grab a full amount of her hair with your left hand and use your right hand to finger her deeply. As you equally reach out to her G-spot, watch her squeeze, shake and tremble in sensual rhythm.

Since foreplay is a give-and-take package, 69 position is a certified balance diet - take care of your woman before penetration and you won't be needing the strength of a horse to make her reach orgasm.


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