WHEN Phillip split up with his long-term lover last year, he expected the process to be emotionally painful

 What he didn’t expect was to be virtually taken to the cleaners by her greed. “I was a happy divorcee when I met Dorothy eight years ago. Pretty and highly intelligent, she ran a fairly successful employment agency. But as the economy continues to take a lot of battering, her clients dwindled and I had to bail her out most of the time. I put her on a fairly generous allowance and continued to pay for the rent on her office premises”, explained Phillip.

In the end, we both decided she was better off running her business from home. In the meantime, she wasn’t prepared to cut down on her extravagant lifestyle. We had a son together and because of him, I couldn’t kick her out. Whatever affection I must have felt for her quickly dwindled as stories of how he’d short-changed a few friends and some of my business contacts filtered in. The day the chairman of my company came to demand the money Dorothy borrowed from him to fund a bogus business, I realised the relationship was dead. It – was an exorbitant amount and the poor man advanced her the money when she said she’d cleared things from me. I was out of the country then and he had no doubt to suspect anything since he was as close to both of us as if we were family.

We had a lengthy discussion and I told her I was prepared to resettle her in a flat of her choice. I would have offered her one of the flats on- my own property but was afraid she might sell it behind my back! She told me she would rather relocate abroad where she’d studied before. She would leave our son with my mother and after she’d settled down, I could bring him on one of my visits. I was generous with what I gave her apart from the plane tickets. She called a few times to tell me how difficult it was to find accommodation and demanded for more money, which I sent to her. After which I heard absolutely nothing from her. Her phone went straight to mail-voice until it totally died. Worried, I contacted one or two of her close friends and they told me she still called them. I was puzzled.



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