D’Prince Welcomes Bagetti as First Female Artist to Jonzing World Record Label

D'Prince signed Bagetti as First Female Artist to Jonzing World
D'Prince and Bagetti

Charles Enebeli, also known as D’Prince, the head of the Jonzing World Record label, has announced Bagetti as the newest artist on the label in an excited announcement posted on his official Instagram account.

D’Prince introduced Bagetti as the “First Lady” of Jonzing World and said how happy he was to have her. He highlighted the label’s history of developing outstanding artists and encouraging a creative musical environment.

D'Prince and his new signee Bagetti
D’Prince and Bagetti

In his statement, D’Prince said, “It’s my utmost pleasure to introduce y’all to the first female member of the Jonzing family, our First Lady @Bagettiofficial. As y’all know over the years, Jonzing World has demonstrated its ability to consistently develop and release exceptional talents and superstars to promote the culture.”

He called upon fans and supporters to extend their support, love, and encouragement to Bagetti as she embarks on her musical journey with Jonzing World. D’Prince’s message encapsulated the anticipation surrounding Bagetti’s potential to make a significant impact in the music industry.

D'Prince and Bagetti
D’Prince and Bagetti
D'Prince and his first female artist Bagetti
D’Prince and Bagetti

Bagetti’s signing confirms the label’s dedication to finding and developing a wide range of talent, since it comes after D’Prince just added Gdzilla to the Jonzing World Record label on September 1st, 2023.

As everyone excitedly anticipates Bagetti’s debut under the Jonzing World Record Label, congrats have been extended to her. As Bagetti is ready to enthrall audiences with her distinct musical taste and aesthetic vision, stay tuned.

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