Harrysong’s Estranged Wife, Alexer, Speaks Out: Claims Marriage Was Based on Pity, Not Love

Alexer Peres Harry And her husband Harrysong
Alexer Peres Harry And her husband Harrysong

The estranged wife of Nigerian music sensation Harrysong, Alexer Peres Harry, appeared to be open about their actual marital status.

Alexer revealed startling information in an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze, claiming that Harrysong wed her more out of sympathy than true love.

Alexer Peres Harry
Alexer Peres Harry

The disclosure follows after Alexer alluded to marital problems in an Instagram post from the previous year, in which she declared their split and begged for God’s aid, writing, “I’m Done officially, God help me.”

In the highly circulated interview, Alexer described how Harrysong had prevented her from pursuing personal goals, including a three-year social media ban. She went on to say that Harrysong had admitted to marrying her out of sympathy and that he had never been in love with her.

Fans and the general public have responded to this discovery in a flood of emotion, with many expressing astonishment and disappointment at the singer’s alleged maltreatment of Alexer.

The reality of the couple’s relationship and the circumstances surrounding celebrity marriages have also come under question in light of Alexer’s claims.

People are eager to hear Harrysong’s answer to the claims made by his estranged wife as the story develops, which will only heighten the curiosity surrounding their troubled marriage.

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