Yul Edochie Celebrates Wife Judy Austin on International Women’s Day

Yul Edochie Celebrate his wife Judy Austin

Nollywood actor turned pastor Yul Edochie expressed his love and appreciation for his wife Judy Austin Yul Edochie in an emotional message on International Women’s Day. 

Yul wrote a heartfelt post on his official Facebook page, praising Judy for her immense strength, determination, and unwavering support.

The actor thanked Judy for her dedication and selflessness, praising her upbeat outlook and willingness to help others. 

Although many people might not fully understand the depth of his relationship with Judy, Yul highlighted that he wants it that way, saying that it is not for others to understand the connection between them.

In his tribute, Yul hailed Judy as an angel in human form, a blessing to the world, and praised her for continuously radiating love, happiness, and peace. He affectionately referred to her as “IJELE ODOGWU. IJELE ISI MMILI JI OFOR. EZE NWANYI. OKWULU OKALISIA. HER EXCELLENCY. ONYE NGALA,” signifying her importance and influence in his life.

Yul Edochie facebook message to his wife Judy Austin on International Women's Day

As of the time of this report, Yul Edochie has yet to publicly acknowledge his former wife, May Edochie, or his daughter, Danielle, sparking curiosity among fans and followers. Despite his silence on his past relationships, Yul’s profound appreciation for Judy resonates as a testament to their enduring bond and mutual respect.

The touching tribute serves as a reminder of the importance of International Women’s Day in honoring women’s extraordinary accomplishments and significant influence around the world.

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